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My findings suggest effective business models are made known to have “strategically unified network-enabled practices that involve all participants.”

A sustainable business model links detailed financial and non-financial procedures in a coherent structure to explain how the business’s activities build value.

The business model puts out solid plans that can be tested through statistical analysis that provides long-term foundation for determining management performance and allowing reward benefit.

The risks facing an organisation are all-encompassing and include all aspects of its activities for examples its operations, finance, reputation and intangibles elements, legal and regulatory, etc.”

Although the business model provides a stimulating structure for identifying risks, its administration can actually resolve impending problem through “stress testing key linkages and assumptions”.

As a result, the management can then develop precise and in depth risk management applications around all critical issue to reduce risk exposure.

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  2. Hi Anna – you are so right! I have never heard Wealthy Affiliate described this way – in terms of what a great business strategy they have. You sound like you really have a lot of knowledge about business, so this was very interesting to me to hear WA described this way!

    But the best part is that it is so true, and this description is the most important of all! The way highly intelligent and successful people analyze! Thanks so much for sharing! Great article!

    1. Hi Debbie

      Thanks for visiting my website and comment. I appreciate your generous words about the way I designed my website which is always welcome 🙂

      You are spot on about my understanding in business and I guess it is natural for me to discuss about business strategy in relations to sustainability and interestingly designated as my website “niche” other than promoting WA. Likewise, I have in reality absorbed in this particular capacity of familiarity. So it is my view concerning how to distribute some essential connotation to the public, and most importantly to the business front-runners.

      Cheers, Anna

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