Getting Started with Wealthy Affiliate

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Level 1 Certification to Online Entrepreneur

I like to personally welcome you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate!

In order to help you realize your own potential to earn income and grow an online business, here is how online success works.


(1) You can achieve success online. No one like to think otherwise, in fact, it has been proven that Members here at WA succeed at the highest rate out of any platform online!


(2)You can expect to be overwhelming at first. With anything new it is normal to feel overwhelmed but you will quickly get over this, so be calm and stick with Wealthy Affiliate. And I can assure you; you too will achieve success stories in no time, and exceed your goals.


(3) You do not need any existing online business or experience. This is awesome and it will be great If you have online business experience but it is not a requirement at all. You for sure can learn everything about online business here within your membership.


(4) Success is a lifeline for you. Success is not a life incident but very cumulative in nature. Meaning every step you take and do now, will contribute towards your personal success for the rest of your life.  So take charge of your own destiny!



How to Make Money Online – Understand the Process

Everyday there are billions of people (audiences) on the Internet at all times looking (searching) for information to buy products or finding solutions to solving their problems. With the online audience increasing in a remarkable manner, this means your opportunities to making money online are boundless.


making money


Methods to Make Money using Your WordPress Blog


ways to make money


What is a niche?

The idea of a niche is no doubt confusing.  In order to make it a little clear for you, a niche is basically a group of people looking for something or in search of new ideas to doing things.  So, in terms of finding a niche that interests you, you will learn how to narrow down your intended niche selection using recommended tool to target your audiences. For example, the Jaaxy is a keywords tool that you can use to increase your site conversion. Click here to go to the Jaaxy page.


Introducing the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate to you



Kyle & Carson
Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

 A Walk through by Kyle – How YOU Can Benefit From WA

You might like to know what the WA system looks like? So, let me show you a Video, Kyle the co-founder of WA is going to walk you through the entire system.   Kyle will show you where you get the support and training to build websites for your chosen niches.  You will learn how to research keywords, and get started to benefit from WA.


The Benefits to going Premium Membership

While you have a Starter Membership as the starting point of your success online, there is MUCH MORE to be discovered at Wealthy Affiliate. Most starters are not going to miss out on this great option because there are enormous benefits to going premium. Don’t be rush; only when you are ready, I like to invite you to take a second to learn how Premium membership be different from the Starter program.

Find More Out About Premium Here!


Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 2

Congratulations on becoming a Premium member.

In this section, you will learn lessons as shown below which will take you to the next level of your training program to building your own Traffic producing website.

It is important that your investment in online business is to make money.  But before you can do that you need to know that traffic to your website is key to making money. So you need to focus on building content, getting your content indexed into search engines, and most importantly is to getting traffic to your websites.

As a premium member, you are eligible to access all the course benefits, support and learning outcomes to help you with all the necessary tasks for your websites.

For example, below are all the benefits and learning outcomes for your online business to be successful for the longer terms.