Risk Assessment & Control

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The academic’s study about the natures of risk and its connection involve risk assessment allow businesses to understand how actions might impact intentions from two directions. They include the perceptions of possibility and effect that use to assess risks and to measure the related intents through qualitative and assessable risk assessment practices.  Financial innovation for instance has overtaken regulatory efficacy since the capacity of risk management depth and monitoring tools far exceeded the effectiveness to diminish risk.


These risk assessment planning approaches were often based on limited operations and processes at the entity’s headquarters rather than entities covering the entire breadth of the enterprise. Enterprise management in part might suggest that internal audit review using the terms of risk management as stated by researcher Moeller is to justify why they must schedule an audit in a given area.


Nevertheless, The Integrated Framework states risk responses are the consequent to the evaluation process concerning the company’s risk appetite.  The potential costs of putting in place a system compared to the benefit within the existing situations where potential risk responses could reduce the impact and likewise the chances of recurrence. 

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