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Embracing transitional changes within a business are without question essential in this recent world.   But how? An important hint to creating change is by way of leadership development for a responsible manager.  Hence, my point is that a responsible manager must value shared approaches, mastering resilience and to support readiness for a change culture.

A change culture takes in the manager’s participation of adaptive measurements which may include the capability to building agility and resilience through major practices of a responsible leadership.  In this way it provides a platform for the business that opens up new opportunity.  Therefore this kind of business opportunity signifies innovation of a changing management.   In other words, a changing culture within the business evolves around Eco-leadership that affect the company’s diverse stakeholders in a transparent manner.

As a result, the best small business to start at is an innovative green business model is inherited to managing changing environment.  And because the business model utilizes various ‘capitals’ in creating innovative value, a sustainable leadership and management practice, supports employees’ well-being besides achieving the business defensible competitive advantage.


4 thoughts on “Innovative green business

  1. Yes. It is the leader responsibility to lead the change. Change can only occur if the top management shows examples.

    We are afraid of change and it is not easy to change ourselves. That’s why sometimes we need other people to lead and show the way.

    I love to have a green working environment, too.

    1. Thanks ariefw for reading my post and your response.

      It is truly important to have responsible leaders who pledge to change for social good.

      Cheers, Anna

  2. Here is my take on this. As humans we are always evolving, becoming better to adapt to our surroundings. I always think of this when there are changes being made. I realise why it has to be done. It makes business to improve your services, products and the way you do things.

    What is important in this time of change is to get employees views on the change. They can give insight where managers may not have thought of. If managers can respect employees opinions and work together then it is a win win situation.

    1. Thanks Owain for your comments.

      I can see that you have some knowledge of a green business and the significance of change. Certainly, change is needed for the benefit of the overall humanity.

      Best wishes, Anna

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