Care about building relationships

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First of all, I like to share with you about Maak and Pless,  the author of ‘Responsible Leadership: A Relational Approach’.  They have suggested that responsible leadership is not only building relationships but also include supporting trustful interactions with all internal and external stakeholders within an organisation.  Just as per Wealthy Affiliate, these connections between participants will allow the leadership capability that comes with the ability to make the entire relationship work to ensure a business’s service include care and commitment to the wider communities groups of people. Therefore, this kind of engagement will focus on social and technical experiences in a sensible way.  Its focus is to meet the changing market needs.

Lets say for example, whilst the impact of carbon taxes and carbon trading schemes require appropriate assessment of shared attitude relating to resourcing issues, in the current environment the emerging and critical know-how as well as cognitive skills might hence be required to achieve Eco-friendly outcomes.

In addition to changing market needs, innovative use of resources in terms of strategic decision is more viable to establishing long term benefits in the marketplace. Why? Because the management would need to grasp that it is the openness in dealing with chaos or misconception within the business. Every so often this may include the awareness to outside challenges, the ability to work together and to cope with doubts, tensions and confusion as well as pressures for a driven change.  In doing so, the manager would also need to motivate and empower its employees to sustain its change operation.


2 thoughts on “Care about building relationships

  1. I think that business relationships is essential for the success of your own business. In my business I’m trying to make as much relationships as I can, I never know which one will be the most valuable. I saw your link to wealthy affiliate, can you elaborate some more details about it?

    1. Hi Eyal

      Thanks for your comment. Wealthy Affiliate is a unique platform that actually cares about building relationships. It not only provides a wealth of training materials within the systems, it allows its members to succeed through helping others to thrive as well. So, I would say it is the best and cheapest way to build a sustainable business online through Wealthy Affiliate.

      Cheers, Anna

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