Motivating and empowering staffs

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Well, is it so essential to motivating and empowering staffs? Yes, it is very important when it comes to sustaining a business.  Lacking these vital approaches in the workforce, the challenges faced by a manager in the present business environment are becoming very difficult.

Leadership however is about process that involves influence that occurs in a group context to attaining goals. In the framework of multifaceted and pressured environment, ‘the human factor’ is the most critical component of process improvement and management.

Agile organizations – How to build an innovative, sustainable and resilient business

So, in a challenging business background the situation would require resilient people to enable its employees and the organization’s capacity to cope and manage with change. What is more, the rapid change environment is presented with growing lack of confidence. This kind of increasing uncertainty can be observed for example in the public and private sectors among the wider community altitudes.  That’s why resilient people usually accept the reality and have strong held values and beliefs, in addition possess the ability to change. These features reliably drive resilient people into high motivations supported by the capacities to control decisions.  It is about the future actions that are vital in understanding the moral aspects of human motivation to shape people’s behavior. Hence employees’ motivation that addresses personal growth and the achievement of organizational goals are valid.  In accepting the Hackman and Oldman’s ‘Intrinsic and job design’ theory allow employees to experience such reward affect motivation and satisfaction through job experiences.

By nature, a business would benefit from resilient people that have major implications for the workplace in handling stress to influence its people truly affect individual’s thinking and behavior and as a result responsible leadership should undertake.

Since a person’s perceptions of certainty provide the basis to an organization’s readiness for change, the relationships between organizational culture, its commitment, and its readiness in a redesign process suggest that when change is perceived as hopeful characteristic of the surroundings, employees are more likely to commit to the work of the organization.

Even though the success in organizational-level change must be supported by awareness of change readiness; it is the individual cognitive processes that result in the captivating of behaviors that can influence and create change readiness. Management Readiness for change is to nurture positive behaviors, attitudes and thinking towards new variations on the employees. Confidence normally acts as a facilitator for supportive behaviors in reducing change related resistance and stress is in fact tested.

Therefore, the running of a business can show a hint for change but also can make certain that it is able to connect a decisive illustration of resource readiness as well as to managing stress related behaviors.  Similarly, the creative skills of resilient people mindful of the current complex situation can lead and bring about change interest on the whole engagement of social capitals within the organization.

It thus implies that employee engagement depend on an organizational culture that look after these physical characteristics by motivating and empowering its employees to take responsibility in complex environments.


4 thoughts on “Motivating and empowering staffs

  1. I have just been promoted at work and really looking for some advice about staff.

    I have one employee who has been in the business a lot longer than I have and took my promotion badly think he deserved it.

    What can I do to win him around and get the best out of him as he is a really good worker?

    1. Hi Steven

      First of all congratulations on your promotion! And thank you for visiting my website and comment. I can understand your difficult situation and it is not uncommon in this present challenging environment. I would advise you to just be yourself and try not to focus too much on the promotion but rather to build a mutual relationship with the said worker. It is the shift in the current business changing background that effective leaders must fully understand in order to build trust and thus innovation is desirable.

      Perhaps you might like to acquire techniques suggested in the “Agile Model of HR”. This agile model of HR actively analyses human resources which are not just about controls and principles, or drive performance. It is to ease, facilitate and develop organizational agility. In this way changes within HR’s mission and motivation actually drive agility that remove the rigidity and focus more on adaptability, innovation, collaboration and therefore to building trust.

      I hope this helps.

      Cheers, Anna

  2. Visited and left a comment on your site. I love the good clean lines, but that is just me. The content format title, intro and content formatting is very pleasing to engage the reader. Specifically I mean that you have a big title, a smaller but still big intro and then the small content. It all seems to have the right aspect ratio for me. Lastly, while you want to continue to add great content, make sure you research which Social like tool, plug in will give you the best looks, functionality and compatibility with your theme. Because I noticed you did not have a social link yet.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Jay

      Thank you for visiting my website and comment.

      I agree that my website is yet to include the social links which are important for readers’ social engagement. In fact I’m still in the process to improving on my website’s user-friendliness. Thanks again for your insights.

      Cheers, Anna

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